What is Mind Mastery Transformation?

The Most Frequent Questions Answered
By: Rev. Laurel Phoenix, C. Ht., CPC.

Q. What is Mind Mastery Transformation? 
A.  Mind Mastery Transformation (sm) is a Quantum Physics technique that eliminates your negative emotions, hurts and heartaches, fears, grief and self-doubt from a person by means of special breathing technique, specific mental focus and the spoken word.  As a result, a person is released from the hurts and karmas of the past.  The process completely empowers each person to feel self-confident and builds self-esteem so they can do/be whatever they've always desired.  Each participant actually feels an energy wave move down and pass out of their body when the process completes.  The result is a completely new perspective, totally renewed sense of self and well-being, and a joyful existence. It's like changing your own operating program running in the background of your mind.  It is truly instant.

Q. Do people do things undergoing Mind Mastery that are against their morals or values? 

A.  No.  You are fully conscious and awake during the entire process so you cannot detach your ego.  You are always aware of what is going on and in control.  As a general rule, if a client is asked to state something she/he does not agree with, she/he can simply refuse.  However, the entire process is discussed in advance so that the client is fully aware of the procedure before the process begins.

Q. Can a person’s memory be erased? 
A.  No.  This process does not erase your memory.  What Mind Mastery does is help to reprogram your conscious reactions to situations occurring in your life that are often repeated do to programmed responses to prior experiences.  You will remember everything that happens, however your reaction to situations will be different, so that if you are responding to a person or a situation in a way you would rather not, you can choose to change it. Your mind contains conscious and unconscious memories which generally are responsible for our decisions, attitudes, feelings and behaviors.  Mind Mastery Transformation is effective in helping you choose to change your learned responses, thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors.

Q. Can everyone go through Mind Mastery Transformation? 
A.  Yes, as long as they are willing and have the ability to breath, concentrate on and repeat what is being said.  The process also requires the ability to sit for an extended period of time.  Additionally, it can take up to 72 hours to physically feel the full effects, so plan to leave extra relaxation time post sessions.

Q. Do people who choose Mind Mastery Transformation go to sleep or become unconscious? 
A.  No.  One should not expect to go to sleep!  Mind Mastery is a conscious state of awareness that feels very relaxing.  One is completely aware of everything that is occurring in the surrounding environment as well as that which is happening in the inner mind.  Some people may feel like they are undergoing hypnosis but they are just feeling their body's natural response to the quantum changes occurring as the process proceeds.

Q.  What can be treated with Mind Mastery Transformation? 
A.  A Certified Mind Mastery Practitioner has the capabilities to help you alleviate and transform a multitude of symptoms & problems.  Although it isn’t a panacea, the areas in which Mind Mastery Transformation is helpful to many people are virtually endless, for example: weight loss & stress reduction, as well as releasing emotional and physical traumas.