What Is Evolutionary Art?

Evolutionary Art is a visual display of the expansion and transformation of my Spirit.

The paintings began evolving from Spirit to Fruition early in 2015. Through the muse of music and Universal Guidance of those around me, my art began to come alive.

Finding a love and passion for painting, I dove into the paint, and used the canvas to transcribe what my Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Highest Divine Guidance were endeavoring to convey. Evolutionary Art is the product of these continuing sessions, as I have 18 already and still painting when I have canvas. Allowing Spirit to speak through my painting has sparked not just my creative passion, but it's also helped to express messages of love, acceptance and spiritual awakenings, on and through the course of my journey.

Art, being as subjective as it is, has the power to move, motivate and inspire, even when one sees something in it different than the next. Art derived from Spirit does even more than that. Within it holds endless possibilities for the eye, and Spirit, of the beholder, and carries energy and vibrations, helping to establish connections between mind and soul that one may be seeking. Art can whisper something to one soul, and something entirely different to another.

Play with it. Observe it under different lighting conditions. Rotate it, then again take another look yet further in changing atmospheres. More than anything, I simply hope you enjoy it.

Please check back soon for the gallery of Laurel's paintings. 

Inside you, there's an artist you don't know about.  ‚Äč- Rumi

Evolutionary Art